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Welcome to Crystal Cube Consulting (CCC ) Market Research for the Digital Domain. We are an Independent research and consulting firm, dedicated to providing our customers with the best telecommunication services. We offer
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Previously Released Reports 2011 - 2016

COM Express: Leading the Small Form factor Board RaceCOM Express is an increasingly popular PICMG specification aimed at low-cost embedded systems requiring a small but upgradeable platform. It is an ideal solution for applications such as gaming, kiosks, medical instrumentation, communications, networking, mobile systems, mil/aero, process control, vehicles, robotics, security, digital signage, retail terminals, test equipment, and industrial control. It allows designers to reduce time-to-market, lower costs, and simplify revisions, maintenance, and upgrades.
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Previously Released Reports & Whitepapers


“Ruggedized Blade Market Takes Their Cut of the Pie”
Released April 2010


MicroTCA Fits into Smaller Places to Grow a Bigger Market
Released January 2009


Rock Paper Scissors: Will Pizza Boxes Beat Blades in Cyberspace
Released July 2008


Switch Fabrics 2007: RapidIO Takes the High Road To Embedded Systems
Released June 2007

BladeCenter HT Lays Siege to AdvancedTCA
Released April 2007

A Competitive Analysis of IBM BladeCenter™ w/Intel® Xeon® Processors vs. Sun Bladed Offerings
Released February 2007


What's Up with MicroTCA? AMC Modules in a MicroTCA
Released January 2006


AdvancedTCA Grows Up & Joins the Army: A PICMG Look at Federal and Other Verticals
Released September 2005

Advanced Mezzanine Cards Take the AdvancedTCA to New Levels

Released December 2005


AdvancedTCA and Bus Architectures

Our third report, that was released January 2004, focuses on the new Advanced Telecommunications Computing Technology (ATCA) standard for telecom and datacom applications.

Bus Wars the Sequel: Life in the Fast Lane

Was released the last week of April 2004, analyzing the influences that the switch fabric design will have on the high-speed peer-to-peer market and how the bus architecture standards will fair in that environment.


The first major project we undertook was in sizing up the entire, hidden software market that has been festering within the Networking Equipment Industry. That report was released in May of 2003. Following that the ground-breaking report entitled, "Bus Wars Episode II: Clash of the Titans", was released July 31, 2003, providing a complete analysis of the high-speed bus architecture market.

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